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                                                    Taiping, Perak, Malaysia


Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

Taiping, a heritage town located in northern Perak, Peninsular Malaysia. Taiping was emerged with booming of Tin Mining in 19 century. Taiping was not only one of the pioneers in municipal government in the Federated Malay States. She was chosen by the Straits Governor as the capital of government, during British colonial era.


The heritage town has many of the 1st in Malayan historic records, such as the 1st Hill resort built in 1844, the 1st Swimming Pool, the 1st Mosque, the 1st Rest house and Artillery warehouse built in 1870. The 1st Magistrate court in 1874. The 1st Resident's house and Port in 1877. The 1st English school in 1878, the 1st Police force and Government offices in 1879. The 1st Post and telegraph office, Lake gardens, General Hospital, Club house in 1880. The 1st Railway station in 1881. The 1st Museum in 1883. The 1st Market building in 1884. The 1st purposely built Prison and the first Railway track - from Port Weld to Taiping in 1885. The 1st Turf club and Anglican church in 1886. The 1st English girl's school in 1889 and Clock tower in 1890, to name but a few. Taiping was already had the economy and social features which are commonly found in modern states today.

Despite yesterday's Glorious achivements, Taiping is one of the least developed towns in Malaysia today.

“I know of no more lovely sight in this country than the Taiping gardens when the rays of the early morning sun are shining obliquely through their clumps of bamboo, palms and isolated trees scattered on islands among the expanse of water. One receives in that glorious half hour an experience of light in foliage that is quite unobtainable in England”. A Journal in the Federal Capital, by George L. Peet who had visited Taiping in 1933.

Taiping is the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia. With Average rainfall of about 4,000mm per year, whereas the average rainfall for the whole peninsula is 2,000mm ~ 2,500mm. Its unusual rainfall has also blessed Taiping Lake Gardens with a fertile and splendid collection of flora and century-old raintrees.

Taiping Lake Gardens
Taiping Lake Gardens - Established in 1880 during British rule in Malaya, the oldest and the most beautiful Lake Gardens in the country, the site was formerly a tin mine.

Taiping Perak Location Map

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TaipingTourist Attractions

Bakau Wetland at Kuala Sepetang (It was called Port Weld, named after a former Governor, Frederick Weld)
A walk through the mangrove swam in Kuala Sepetang is invigorating. Chalets can be found at mangrove forest reserve here. Tel: +605-807-2762

Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary The Blank-Crowned Night Heron is a local species, among the many, found at the Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary. Tel: +605-890-2207

Bukit Larut (also known as Maxwell Hill. Named after William Edward Maxwell, who was a British Assistant Resident in Perak). Approximately 1250m above sea level, is the oldest hill resort in Malaysia founded in 1844. Currently, tourists reach the top of Maxwell Hill by 4WD vehicles. The road up the hill winds and bends, there are 72 such hairpin bends.

Taiping Zoo & Night Safari Giraffe, zebra and Africa oryx form part of the African Savanna creatures at the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari.

How to go Taiping?

By Train KL to Butterworth train service
1. Take the north-bound train from KL Sentral > Taiping > Butterworth
2. Shuttle Train to KL Sentral - KLIA Express

By Bus,    bus
1. Kuala Lumpur [TBS-BTS]  > TAIPING / SIMPANG
there are numerous bus services from various location to Taiping, such as:
Tansnasional Coach

By Car,    car
1. PENANG / BUTTERWORTH > TAIPING (exits at North Taiping) - approx. 105 km or 80 mins. Penang to Taiping road map
2. Kuala Lumpur > IPOH > TAIPING (exits at Changkat Jering) - approx. 270 km or 3 hours drive from KL to Taiping by using North-south Highway.
3. Kuala Lumpur to Taiping road map


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