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June 10, 2011

Three Million Students, Teachers To Take Part In 1Malaysia Sport Run

Three million students and teachers are scheduled to take part in the 1Student-1Sport-1Malaysia run to be held simultaneously throughout the nation on July 2.

Education director-general Datuk Abd Ghafar Mahmud said the run was in conjunction with the launching of the 1Student-1Sport policy, as announced by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is also Education Minister in March last year, which is being implemented this year.

"The run is in the form of mass running and not a competition, and the run at national level will be in Taiping, Perak, which will be joined by the Deputy Prime Minister.

"Other participating students throughout the country will start at the same day and time at their respective schools, or at locations to be decided by state education departments or district education offices," he told reporters here today.

Abd Ghafar said the event was aimed at instilling the sports culture among school children and to enhance society's awareness on the importance of students' participation in sports activities.

He said with the run, it was hoped to create a record under the category of "The Largest Participation Of School Students In A Run" in the Malaysia Book of Records.

"July 2, which is a Saturday, can be considered as a schooling day by the schools taking part. Besides organising the run, schools should also hold their normal teaching activities just like any other school day.

Further information can be obtained via and schools are reminded to submit through e-mail students' complete participation forms to the secretariat at the Sports Division of the Ministry of Education on or before June 23," he said.

The 1Student 1Sport policy aims to have school students participate in at least one sport.


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