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6 Feb, 2010

Bukit Larut cable car project is on

The almost-aborted cable car project to ferry visitors up Bukit Larut, the country’s first hill station, is on again.

The project, unveiled in 2008, went dormant following protests by environmentalists who felt that the water catchment area at its foothill could be undermined by the project.

Taiping Municipal Council president Omor Saad dismissed such a fear, saying that the project would not affect the environment as there would be minimal hill-cutting activities.

“If the project complies with environmental regulations, there won’t be any harm,” he told reporters after attending a swearing-in ceremony of town councilors in Taiping on Wednesday.

Omor said the RM65mil project, modeled after the cable car facility in Langkawi, is expected to commence either in April or May this year and expected attract an additional 500,000 visitors to Taiping annually. An agreement involving the project developer and the Perak government is being finalised.

Omor also said residents would soon enjoy a proper stage bus service, serving the various residential areas here. The pilot project, being undertaken by the Perak government, would probably take off in April.


“Apart from Taiping, Manjung has also been chosen for the pilot project,” he said.

He also hoped residents would be ready to accept more development and tourism-related projects.


597,631 people visited Taiping Zoo, including 91,140 who visited its Night Safari programme last year.


On urban poverty eradication programme, Omor said the council had last year disbursed RM518,000 to 219 poor families residing in and around the town.


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