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November 13, 2010

Taiping Zoo welcomes four lion cubs


IPOH: Four African lion cubs have been born at the Taiping Zoo & Night Safari, the third such litter in four years.

Its director Dr Kevin Lazarus said the two male and two female cubs were born to the zoo's resident lions, four-year-old Zulu and six-year-old Dewi.

He said the cubs, weighing about 5kg to 6kg each, were born within 20 minutes of one another from 7.30pm on Oct 10.

New Born Lion Clubs

 Latest roar: Taiping Zoo & Night Safari workers showing the cubs to the media Friday. 

"This is the third time the zoo has welcomed new lion cubs," he said at a press conference to introduce the cubs at the zoo yesterday.

Dr Lazarus said a cub was born in 2006, followed by a second litter in 2007.

He said the newborns would not be joining the adult lions for public viewing yet.

"They will only be shown to the public for 10 to 15 minutes daily," he said, adding that it was not advisable to separate the cubs from their mother for too long.

The cubs would only be let out in the open to join the other lions when they are about three months old. The zoo currently has 13 lions, including the newborns.