goTaiping Everlasting Peace
                                                    Taiping, Perak, Malaysia


Taiping - Perak 霹靂‧太平

Everlasting Peace - Origin of the name

Taiping, literally means Everlasting Peace. Taiping is located at Northern Perak, also known as Klian Pauh until the second half of 19 century.

The area developed quickly in the 19th century following discovery of tin deposits, exploring of tin mines attracted large numbers of immigrants, particularly from China. A series of wars started in 1861 mainly in between two Chinese secret societies over the control of mining areas in Taiping (Klian Pauh).

The disputes escalated to the level that Perak Sultanate was unable to maintain order. Things were increasingly getting out of hand and chaos was proving bad for the Malays, Chinese and British.

The wars ended with the intervention of Straits Settlements gorvernor and signing of the Pangkor Treaty in 1874. Since then, the town was renamed to Taiping - Everlasting Peace.

Heritage Town Taiping