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                                                    Taiping, Perak, Malaysia


Taiping Transportation

Bus / Taxi

Currently, Road Transport is the main route accessing Taiping, either North-bound from IPOH or South-bound from Butterworth, Penang. Via the North-south Express Way - PLUS.


Electrified Double-track Rail from IPOH to Padang Besar is under construction and expected to be ready for service in year 2014. 

The heritage British Malaya built Railway system is rather inefficient way of travel at the current 'Everyone can fly' era, at this moment. Unless, time is not a constraint for your joruney. 


Tekah Airport - also konwn as the 1st Airport in South-eash Asia, was built in 1929 mainly serving British Officers and European Mechants during the British Malaya era. The airport also served as the airstrip for the Royal Malayans Air Force (RMF). It is a small airport with short runway, not possible for modern commercial airplane landing and taking off but only small aircraft.

Expansion for the airport found to be infeasible for its geographical location. Furthermore, Ipoh airport and Penang International airport is just in the close proximity.

The nearest Airport to Taiping is located 80km away in Penang Island - Penang International Airport.


Port Weld is now known as Kuala Sepetang, the port was once used for Tin export during British Malaya era. Thereafter, Kuala Sepetang is just a fishing village, rather famous for its seafood restaurants.