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Toyo Tires Production Hub in Taiping

Toyo Tires & Rubber Co., Ltd. has recently (in March 2013) completed new tyre plant in Taiping, Kamunting Industry Area in Malaysia.

The Japanese tyre manufacturer has invested RM800 million on the 148-acre state-of-the-art facility, which utilises Toyo Tires new and advanced production system called A.T.O.M. The A.T.O.M also called Advanced Tire Operation Module, is a system designed in house, which is highly scalable system that features high level of automation, multi-product and small-lot production capabilities, which will provide high levels of productivity, quality and efficiency.

It is part of the company's 3 region global supply system strategic plan comprised of North American, Japan and Asia. Toyo Tires Malaysia (TTM), will have 5 millions tyres production capacity by 2015, is the largest plant outside Japan, will be the production and supply hub in Asia.

On top of the advanced Techonlogy, with 608 solar panels attached on the administrative building, which will produce 140kW of electrical power by harvesting solar energy from sunlight, is sufficient to meet the power demands of the administration block. TTM's new manufacturing facility in Kamunting Industry Area in Taiping Perak is also considered a more environmentally friendly plant in the region.