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12 May 2012

Big family for Kelian the elephant

TAIPING: Flextronics Technology Penang Sdn Bhd has adopted a 22-month-old elephant, Kelian, under the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari sponsorship adoption programme.

Kelian the Elephant
Flextronics Technology Penang Sdn Bhd employees and Kelian the elephant are one big happy family. Pic by M. Dattaya

The company handed over a RM10,000 cheque to the zoo, which would pay for Kelian's upkeep for one year.
Taiping Municipal Council president Shahrom Abdul Malik, who received the cheque on behalf of the zoo, thanked the company for the sponsorship.
Shahrom said the zoo would implement other projects such as recreation, education, conservation, research and training soon.

"From next month, the zoo will strengthen the sponsorship programme with such projects and it is hoped that more corporate bodies, institutions and individuals will come forward to offer their support," he said.
Apart from food, the money will be used for the animal's medical care and health supplements.
Shahrom said it costs about RM100 million a year to run a zoo like the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari.

Last year, the zoo, through the Northern Corridor Economic Region, received RM3 million for four projects -- a new administrative building, ticket counters, an inquiry centre and bulletin boards.

"This year, the zoo received RM4 million from the government for its development projects. With this allocation, four more main component projects will be implemented starting this year.
"The projects are the improvements of the Perak River elephant enclosure, Savanna Africa drive-past and the zoo's entrance area, and the building of new toilets," he said. By M. Dattaya

Source: NewStraitsTimes