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                                                    Taiping, Perak, Malaysia


Taiping Lake Gardens

  • "The lake may be man-made, the remnants of a mining pool, but it has been expertly shaped and landscaped into grounds that are so scenic they take your breath away."
  • "Some of the trees even appear as though they are part of an enchanted, petrified forest. There was this one tree that looked like a resting stag with branches growing out of its head."

Taiping Lake Garden

  • "When we looked out across the lake, what we saw made us feel we were a million miles away from the world of rush-hour traffic and the urban crawl."
  • "There was the tranquil, shimmering body of water, beyond which was the gorgeous Garden with its clusters of tall, rust-leafed trees, and beyond this was the magnificent blue-green mountains of the Bintang range. Perfect."
  • I have been to quite a few parks and gardens in my time, and I dare say that the scenic beauty of the Taiping Lake Garden is on par with some of the best in the world. And it is right here in our own backyard, too.
    The Star, Life Travel - KIMMY FAM 

Taiping Lake Garden - Classic Jetty

  • “I know of no more lovely sight in this country than the Taiping gardens when the rays of the early morning sun are shining obliquely through their clumps of bamboo, palms and isolated trees scattered on islands among the expanse of water. One receives in that glorious half hour an experience of light in foliage that is quite unobtainable in England”.
    - A Journal in the Federal Capital, by George L. Peet who had visited Taiping in 1933.

Taiping Lake Garden - 2
Taiping Lake Gardens in Google Street View

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