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Glories of Taiping

Rhythms of Taiping: wet, wild and eternally endearing!

I CAUTIOUSLY sip my freshly brewed Antong coffee, purchased enthusiastically that very morning. It is mellow, full-bodied and roasted, as it has always been since 1933, in a traditional wood-fired oven.

From the vantage point of my 12th floor hotel room window, the town rolls out at my feet like a playground. I can see the famed Lake Gardens in the distance, a muted deep green under a gloriously ominous bank of grey clouds.

Distant brahminy kites swoop in graceful formation towards the gardens, seemingly buffeted by the rise and fall of an invisible breath, before suddenly and abruptly wheeling away.

Behind the gardens, the low-lying dipterocarp forest that clads The Hill formerly known as Maxwell reaches 1,250m to where Meranti and Malaysian Oaks grow. The clouds break, a promise of sunshine hovering teasingly before, right on cue, the rain bullies past, pouring in thick silvery sheets. Read more…


Losing his father helped shape Khor’s commitment to public health policy

MALAYSIANSKINI | When his father passed away in a tragic accident nearly two decades ago, Dr Khor Swee Kheng was just three months shy of his university graduation.

He remembered how his life changed from the impact of that loss.

“My father’s passing from a traffic accident is the single largest influence on my life.

“His passing taught me that everything is impermanent, and it is a leader’s responsibility to build institutions and systems that can survive the leader’s departure,” Khor said…

Born and raised in Taiping, Perak, the triple degree holder in public health, public policy, and medicine recalled what his humble childhood was like.

“We grew up relatively poor in Taiping. My parents’ civil service jobs paid enough to sustain us, but it was not enough for luxuries.” 

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