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from Eagle to Spritzer

Grown up in Taiping, Dato Lim Kok Cheong founded the Yee Lee Company in 1968 and ventured in the repacking edible oil business in Ipoh.
Like an eagle that soars across nations, the titular Red Eagle (also known as Cap Helang) is likewise a brand that is known across the land, of Malaysia today.

Dato Lim noticed that available bottled water in Malaysia such as Evian and Volvic, were imported from overseas. Started the Spritzer company in late 1980s and begins production of mineral water bottling plant in Tupai Industrial Area, in 1989.
Spritzer is a well-known and trusted brand of mineral water in Malaysia earning recognition for its quality today.

  • In 2020, Spritzer received The Superior Taste Award 2020 by The International Taste and Quality Institute, Belgium.
  • The brand has won its 19th consecutive Trusted Brand Platinum Award in 2020 reflecting the trust Malaysia has in the quality of its mineral water.
  • It has also won the 6th consecutive Putra Brand Awards in 2020.
  • In 2017, Spritzer had a breakthrough in the global market through the launch of silica-rich ACILIS water
  • The company introduced the first-ever plant-based bottles using corn and unused sugar cane in 2019 as part of the CSR endeavour.
  • With production facility in Taiping, Shah Alam and Yong Peng, the group has 850 million litres of bottled water production capacity today.

Listed in September 2000, Spritzer is the only bottled water company listed on Bursa Malaysia.

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