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Taiping Attractions

Bakau Wetland at Kuala Sepetang (It was called Port Weld, named after a former Governor, Frederick Weld)
A walk through the mangrove swam in Kuala Sepetang is invigorating. Chalets can be found at mangrove forest reserve here. Tel: +605-807-2762

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Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary The Blank-Crowned Night Heron is a local species, among the many, found at the Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary. Tel: +605-890-2207

Bukit Larut (also known as Maxwell Hill. Named after William Edward Maxwell, who was a British Assistant Resident in Perak). Approximately 1250m above sea level, is the oldest hill resort in Malaysia founded in 1844. Currently, tourists reach the top of Maxwell Hill by 4WD vehicles. The road up the hill winds and bends, there are 72 such hairpin bends …more

Taiping Zoo & Night Safari Giraffe, zebra and Africa oryx form part of the African Savanna creatures at the Taiping Zoo and Night Safari.