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Opening of WCE Highway involving Taiping Changkat Jering and PLUS Toll Plaza

Notice of Permanent Detour Route Activation in conjunction with the opening of the WCE Highway involving Federal Road FT060 Taiping-Beruas & Changkat Jering PLUS Toll Plaza Exit
Locations involved:
1) Starting from the intersection of route FT060, Jalan Changkat Jering – Trong / Beruas
2) Exit/enter Lebuhraya PLUS Changkat Jering to Jalan Persekutuan FT060
3) WCE Taiping Selatan Expressway exit/entrance to Jalan Persekutuan FT060

From Taiping to: Trong/Beruas, PLUS(E1) Changkat Jering & WCE Highway

From Trong/Beruas to: Taiping, PLUS(E1) Changkat Jering & WCE Highway

From PLUS(E1) Changkat Jering to: Taiping, Trong/Beruas, & WCE Highway

From WCE Highway to: Taiping, Trong/Beruas & PLUS(E1) Changkat Jering

Permanent: 12-March-2024 (Tuesday) Opening hours will be announced through major media

Please refer to the traffic flow plan to facilitate your journey.
Please obey the speed limit, sign boards and road symbols that have been provided.

Source: JKR Negeri Perak FB | 07-Mar-2024