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WCE aka Taiping-Banting Highway Progress Status

(Project Updates – Partly Completed & Opened to Traffic)

10 Dec 2019, WCE Section 5 FHR2/NKVE - NNKSB - Kapar Interchange opened.
  • FHR2 Interchange – EXIT 3207C Linkage to Federal Highway Route 2 – to Klang, Bukit Raja & Shah Alam
  • NNKSB1 Interchange – EXIT 3207B Linkage to NNKSB & NKVE – to Bukit Raja, Klang & Pelabuhan Klang
  • NNKSB2 Interchange – EXIT 3207A Linkage to NNKSB & Federal Route 3217 – to Jalan Perindustrian Kapar–Meru – Kapar, Meru, Setia Alam
  • Kapar Interchange – EXIT 3208 Linkage to Federal Route 3217- to Jalan Perindustrian Kapar–Meru – Kapar, Meru, Setia Alam

Seksyen 11 – Pandangan lebih dekat WCE Beruas – Changkat Jering, Perak | Jul 2023
*Expected date of completion: end-2023

Beruas to Changkat Jering, the section 11 of WCE highway, 35.5km in length is the longest among all the 11 sections from Banting to Taiping. Changkat Jering also known as Taiping South, is the Interchange to Taiping, Kamunting, Kuala Kangsar, Kuala Sepetang.

More importantly, it is also the junction to North-south Expressway – NSE [E1] and Asian Highway 2 [AH2]. Once opened it is not only able to alleviate the congestion of the North-South Expressway, especially the accident prone Menora Tunnel, or Ipoh to Kuala Kangsar stretch. But also, connects travelers from the coastal region to the north nearer and more convenient. > View Taiping South junction to Beruas in Google Maps

Persimpangan FHR2 Link to Federal Highway Jun-2021

23 Sep 2019, WCE Sections 9 and 10 between Kampung Lekir and Beruas opened.
  • Kg Lekir Interchange – EXIT 3230 Linkage to Federal Route 5 to Kg Batu 11 Lekir
  • Sitiawan Interchange – EXIT 3231 Linkage to Sitiawan (Kg Koh, Pasir Panjang)
  • Sitiawan North Interchange – EXIT 3232 Linkage – to Sitiawan, Ayer Tawar, Seri Manjung, Lumut, Pelabuhan Lumut Port, Pulau Pangkor Beach
  • Changkat Cermin Interchange – EXIT 3233 Linkage to Air Tawar, Bota, Seri Iskandar, Batu Gajah, Ipoh & Pantai Remis
  • Bruas Interchange – EXIT 3235 Linkage to Federal Route 73 to Pantai Remis, Parit, K. Kangsar, Batu Gajah, Bruas, Trong & Taiping


Sitiawan to Bagan Datuk new bridge

MAP – WCE Taiping – Banting Highway

West Coast Expressway

Taiping – Banting Highway

31 May 2019, WCE Section 8, Hutan Melintang interchange and Teluk Intan interchange opened.
  • Hutang Melintang Interchange – EXIT 3222 Linkage to Hutan Melintang, Bagan Datuk, Jalan Sungai Samak & Kampung Sungai Samak
  • Teluk Intan Interchange – EXIT 3223 Linkage to Hutan Melintang, Bagan Datuk, Teluk Intan & Bidor



Sep-2022 | Sultan Yusuf Bridge | Teluk Intan, Perak (opened)

The following 4 sections expected to be opened by end of the year 2023

Section 11, Beruas [73] – Taiping [E1] in Perak

Section 6, Bandar Bukit Raja (north) [3217] – Assam Jawa [E25] in Selangor

Section 2, SKVE [E26] – SAE [E5] in Selangor

Section 1, Banting [31] – SKVE [E26] in Selangor

The 1.5km-long Bagan Datuk Bridge across the Perak River, linking Bagan Datuk and Kampung Sejagop in the Pasir Salak parliamentary constituency, has opened. The bridge would boost investment and development. Read more… 02-Jun-2023

Sep-2023 | Bukit Raja (U) – Puncak Alam – Assam Jawa (LATAR) | Seksyen 6

Aug-2023 WCE SKVE – KESAS | Seksyen 2

Aug-2023 WCE | SKVE to Banting Interchange | Seksyen 1

In high gear to complete 233km WCE

(11-Jan-2020) AMIDST all the hoopla surrounding the possible buyout of PLUS Malaysia Bhd, the other long stretching highway in Peninsular Malaysia has been making some notable progress.

While West Coast Expressway Holdings Bhd (WCE) has been perceived as having faced numerous delays and challenges with its land acquisitions, its CEO Datuk Neoh Soon Hiong says the company is in high gear to complete the 233km expressway connecting Banting in Selangor to Taiping in Perak. Read more…

New Timeline for Completion

(26-Aug-2021) The percentage of actual progress of construction work in Section 11 for the period ending July 25, this year was 51.55 per cent compared to the expected schedule of 99.30 per cent, due to poor performance of the contractor. Read more… 

(02-Nov-2021) The Selangor State Legislative Assembly was today told the route of the West Coast Expressway (WCE) in the state would be completed in 2024, a slight delay from the initial projection. Read more…

Portion of West Coast Expressway only to be completed in 3 years

( 21-Jun-2022) A PORTION of the West Coast Expressway (WCE) project is expected to only be completed in the next three years due to problems faced by appointed contractors and land acquisition issues.

Works Minister Fadillah Yusof said his ministry is aware of the problems faced and has taken appropriate measures, including changing the alignment of the project. Read more…

WCE secures up to RM400m govt financing for RM5b West Coast Expressway project

(11-Oct-2022) West Coast Expressway Sdn Bhd (WCESB), an 80%-owned subsidiary of WCE Holdings Bhd, has secured up to RM400 million from the government to part-finance the land acquisition cost for the RM5.044 billion West Coast Expressway project.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia on Tuesday (Oct 11), WCE said WCESB had on Oct 7 entered into a reimbursable land cost (RLC) agreement with the Finance Ministry for the financing of up to RM400 million to part-finance the land acquisition cost for the expressway.

 – TheEdgeMarkets

Taiping-Banting highway to be completed by 2025 — Exco

(06-Dec-2022) The West Coast Coastal Expressway (WCE) project connecting Taiping, Perak and Banting is scheduled to be completed in 2025, says state executive councillor for infrastructure Izham Hashim.

He explained that the 233 kilometre long project with a total cost of RM5.044 billion have reached 82.51 per cent progress as of September 25. “All sections of the WCE expressway are scheduled to be fully completed by 2025 with the final stage to involve the alignment of Section 7 at Persimpangan Tanjong Karang,” he said. Read more…

Contractor’s poor performance causes delay in WCE work

(26-Aug-2021) The main cause of the delay in the construction of the West Coast Expressway (WCE) involving Section 11 in Trong, is due to poor performance of the main contractor.

Perak Infrastructure, Energy, Water and Public Transport Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Zolkafly Harun said this was confirmed by the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM). Details…

Speed up work on West Coast Expressway

LETTERS: Residents of Banting and Kuala Langat district hope that construction of the West Coast Expressway (WCE) will be expedited to ease congestion on the narrow Banting-Dengkil road.

The opening of the expressway. which spans 233km between Banting and Taiping. will ease traffic jams.

A couple of years ago, there was hectic construction at the Jalan Banting-Dengkil terminus of the WCE, with earthworks, the building of ramps and a bridge.

However, there is hardly any construction now as the highway concessionaire is possibly concentrating on other sections of the expressway.

Some stretches of the WCE have been opened to traffic over the last two years. The Banting-Klang stretch will disperse traffic, ease congestion and bring more revenue for the concessionaire. Read more…

WCE Perak Alignment Status Jul-2023

WCE Highway Perak Alignment status

WCE Perak Alignment Status 2023-Jul    
  Section 8 –
Section 9 –
Section 10 –
Section 11 –
Jul-2023 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 88.00%
Mar-2023 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 81.00%
Dec-2022 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 75.00%
Aug-2022 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 68.00%
Jan-2022 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 55.00%


Jan-2022 | WCE Taiping (Changkat Jering) to Teluk Intan, Perak


WCE Selangor Alignment Status Jul-2023

WCE Highway SElangor Alignment status

WCE Selangor Alignment Status          
  Section 1 –
Section 2 –
Section 3 –
Section 4 –
Section 5 –
Section 6 –
Section 7 –
Jul-2023 91.00% 86.00% 81.00% 99.00% 100.00% 94.00% 62.00%
Mar-2023 88.00% 83.00% 79.00% 99.00% 100.00% 91.00% 59.00%
Dec-2022 87.00% 81.00% 78.00% 99.00% 100.00% 87.00% 55.00%
Aug-2022 85.00% 78.00% 75.00% 99.00% 100.00% 84.00% 53.00%
Jan-2022 81.00% 71.00% 70.00% 98.00% 100.00% 75.00% 48.00%
Jul-2023 | E32 – WCE Jalan Pintasan Puncak Alam – Jeram | Bukit Cherakah (Section 6)


Jun-2023 WCE Seksyen 6 Assam Jawa

Jul-2023 Menelusuri Perkembangan WCE | Seksyen 2 dan 3

Jul-2023 WCE Seksyen 1 Banting Interchange – SKVE

Mar-2022 | E32 WCE | Bukit Raja – Padang Jawa – Shah Alam


(25-May-2014) The groundbreaking ceremony was held near Teluk Intan interchange, the construction of the new West Coast Expressway began.