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Stranded Bukit Larut landslide victims reach foothill safely

By IVAN LOH, 13-Jan-2023 

A few people who were stranded on Bukit Larut following the landslide there have safely descended to the foot of the hill.

Taiping Municipal Council president Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir said the victims comprised workers from Bukit Larut Tourism Centre and some hikers.

“They managed to get down using a hiking trail. There are still some Telekom Malaysia Bhd workers still stranded at the hill as their vehicles were unable to use the road down as it is blocked off by the landslide,” he said in a statement on Friday (Jan 13).

“They went back up to their transmission station. There was no loss of life or damage to public property reported,” he added.

The landslide happened at about 3pm on Thursday (Jan 12).

Khairul Amir said two stretches of road at the hill station were blocked off by soil and fallen trees at KM1.6 and KM 3.5.

He said the incident was discovered by the tourism centre’s workers at about 4.30pm.

Bukit Larut Landslide

“Based on initial observations, the landslide occurred due to unstable soil structure caused by the downpour.

“We have informed the matter to the district Public Works Department and a clean-up crew has been dispatched to clear away the soil in the affected areas,” he said.

“To ensure visitors’ safety, the hill has been closed indefinitely to the public since Thursday until clean-up and repair works on the slope are completed,” he added. 

 – The Star