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Electric bus on the Heritage Trail

The fully electric driven bus was donated by the Japanese government through the Japan International Cooperation Agency – JICA, to be implemented on Taiping Heritage Trail by early 2023.

Fully electric bus aim of being a catalyst for Local Heritage Tourism

Jejak Warisan Taiping

The bus comes with a capacity of 22 seats and one OKU* privilege seat for the persons with disabilities – PWD. 

It will be operated by Taiping Municipal Council – MPT, with the aim of being a catalyst for Local Heritage Tourism. Also, using green energy is to ensure environmental sustainability and a clean city of the heritage Taiping. This initiative involves the cooperation of several local companies and also from Japan.

However, the use of EVs is a long-term plan that must take into account various factors such as infrastructure facilities like charging station. Whereas, the infrastructure on the Heritage Trail has been completed, including bus stops and an electric bus charging station in the Heritage Trail Taiping

OKU* is an abbreviation of Malay words means PWD – Persons with Disabilities in English

The PWD Act of 2008 defines persons with disabilities as “those who have long term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society”. Are grouped into seven different categories: 

  1. Hearing Disability / Impairment
  2. Visual Disability / Impairment
  3. Speech Disability / Impairment
  4. Physical Disability / Impairment
  5. Learning Disability
  6. Mental Disability / Impairment
  7. Multiple Disabilities / Impairments