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Nga Ko Meng announced an allocation of RM1 million to set up a musical fountain in Taiping Lake

28-Jan-2024 | Sin Chew Daily – Greater Perak Focus

Minister of Housing and Local Government Nga Ko Meng announced an allocation of RM1 million to build Perak’s first musical fountain at Taiping Lake to attract more domestic and foreign tourists to Taiping through new attractions. He said that this plan to be implemented this year is also launched in conjunction with Perak’s 2024 Tourism Year. The concept of the entire fountain is to promote national unity and the development of culture and art.

Play music from all ethnic groups during the festival

“The water of this unique musical fountain will play music of each ethnic group in conjunction with the festivals of different ethnic groups, such as New Year songs during the Lunar New Year, Malay songs during Eid and Indian music during Deepavali, etc., reaching the goal of different ethnic groups. Divide it between you and me to show the real Malaysia.”

He said that he had also met with His Highness Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak a few days ago in order to open the rebuilt Taiping Market this year. The Grand Market and the Musical Fountain are two major gifts given to the Taiping people by the Unity Government.

When Nga Ko Meng unveiled the title of the 14th Nga Ko Meng Cup National Spring Festival Competition at Taiping Central Plaza today, this RM1 million plan will be implemented by the Taiping City Council.

He said that the Hui Chun Competition has attracted more than 300 people from all over the country who are interested in calligraphy art. The organizer has also prepared a cash prize of RM11,000 for the winner. He hopes that with everyone’s cooperation, the culture can be passed down from generation to generation.

Yang Caicheng: Holding Hui Spring Tournament to promote Spring Festival couplets

Datuk Yang Cai Cheng, managing director of Jinyang Group, which sponsored the event, said in his speech that the competition can also promote the activity of posting Spring Festival couplets in every household.
He said that the art of calligraphy is a way to praise life and experience it. We can feel the beauty of calligraphy together and integrate art into life. The Hui Chun Competition provides a platform for contestants to showcase their talents and love for art.
He said that in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the opening of Taiping, the Hui Chun Competition attracted many participants from all over the country to help promote tourism.
He said that this year the organizer has also arranged special awards for contestants over the age of 65 to allow more calligraphy art enthusiasts to participate.

Those who attended the waving competition included Deputy Education Minister Wong Kah Hoe, Perak state executive councilor Cheng Kok Lam, Boko A3 assemblyman Ong Xing Yuan, Lalu Patan and Sinanma District Education Bureau deputy director Rashid and official Shafie.
*Google translated from Sin Chew (Chinese) Daily

The principal of Yuqun Chinese Primary School in Xinjunkou, Xu Jiexi (second from left), brought many Malay students to participate in Huichun, and was praised by Yang Caicheng (from right), Ni Kemin, Huang Jiahe and Rashid (left). Back row, from right, are Zheng Guolin and Wang Xingyuan. (Photo by Huang Shunguang)