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Taiping – Perak, Malaysia

Taiping is a heritage town located in Northern Perak, Malaysia. Also known as Klian Pauh until the second half of 19 century.

The area developed quickly in the 19th century following discovery of tin deposits, exploring of tin mines attracted large numbers of immigrants, particularly from China. A series of wars, known as Larut Wars started in 1861 mainly in between two Chinese secret societies over the control of mining areas in Klian Pauh.

The disputes escalated to the level that Perak Sultanate was unable to maintain order. Things were increasingly getting out of hand and chaos was proving bad for the Malays, Chinese and the British governor.

In 1873, upon Perak Mentri Ngah Ibrahim’s invitaion, the man, the superintendent of police in Penang called Tristram Speedy was appointed assistant British resident of Larut. Speedy then brought in Indian troops (Sikh) and eventually restored peace in Larut.

With the intervention of Straits Settlements governor, a meeting was held in Pangkor Island with the Chinese headmen, Raja Abdulla, Ngah Ibrahim and other chiefs. Leading to signing of the Pangkor Treaty 1874. Since then, the town was renamed to Taiping (Thaipeng) – Literally means Everlasting Peace in Chinese Word.

Everlasting Peace Heritage Town

During the booming of Tin Mining in 19 century, Taiping was not only one of the pioneers in municipal government in the Federated Malay States. She was chosen by the Straits Governor as the capital of government, during British colonial era.

The heritage town has many of the 1st in Malayan historic records, such as

  1. The 1st tin mining in 1844
  2. The 1st Hill resort built in 1844,
  3. The 1st Swimming Pool in 1937,
  4. The 1st Rest house and Artillery warehouse built in 1870.
  5. The 1st Magistrate court in 1874.
  6. The 1st Resident’s house and Port in 1877.
  7. The 1st English school in 1878,
  8. The 1st Police force and Government offices in 1879.
  9. The 1st Post and telegraph office, Lake gardens, General Hospital, Club house in 1880.
  10. The 1st Railway station in 1881.
  11. The 1st Museum in 1883.
  12. The 1st Market building in 1884.
  13. The 1st purposely built Prison in 1885.
  14. The first Railway track – from Port Weld to Taiping in 1885.
  15. The 1st Turf club and Anglican church in 1886.
  16. The 1st English girl’s school in 1889 and Clock tower in 1890,

to name but a few. Taiping was already had the economy and social features which are commonly found in modern states today.

Despite yesterday’s Glorious achievements, Taiping is one of the least developed towns in Malaysia today.

Paving the Path to Success for Visit Perak Year 2024

“The opening of the West Coast Expressway (WCE) expected at the end of this year will serve as another major gateway for tourists entering Perak. Starting from Hutan Melintang, this highway route will take you through various exits in Perak, including Teluk Intan, famous for the Leaning Tower; Lekir, Sitiawan, and Sitiawan Utara, the gateway to Pangkor Island. read more…

Taiping Lake Gardens

The Lake Gardens which was once mining land was conceived in 1880. The man credited for bringing the gardens into being was Colonel Robert Sandilands Frowd Walker. Walker, who was the British resident of Perak and Selangor, was admired for his sense of justice and fair play in settling labour disputes among the local communities.

Northern Corridor Economic Region 

Merdeka 2019 in Taiping

“I look forward to seeing how Taiping can mature further to become one of the best resort destinations for foreign and domestic tourists.

It would be wise for pensioners to choose Taiping as their retirement place, away from the exhaust fumes and noise pollution of city roads or flash floods.

With a relatively low cost of living and the perfect environment for children’s upbringing, plus the benefits of one’s mental and physical health, Taiping awaits future pensioners.” Read more…


Launch of the Age-Friendly City pilot project in Taiping, Perak

Taiping has been selected for the implementation of the first phase of the Age-Friendly City pilot project. “To date, the government has received funds totalling US$267,000 (RM1.1mil) from UNDP to begin a comprehensive study on Taiping’s current status as an age-friendly city based on international guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation,” Read more…

The most beautiful Lake Garden

If you’ve always bypassed Taiping on your journeys, make a point of stopping there for the night. You won’t regret it.

Taiping is a place that’s pretty much off anyone’s radar, unless it happens to be your hometown and you are looking forward to your annual balik kampung break.

It’s a full hour’s drive from Ipoh using the expressway and two hours on the old trunk road. The fellow behind the wheel (a.k.a. my husband) had had a long day and he was getting grouchy. We had been to Ipoh, and he’d really rather be heading for home in KL now.
Out of order?: The trees in Taiping are let to grow to its own accord and in the end what you get is gorgeous greens.



15 Tempat Makan Best Sedap Viral di Taiping 
(15 Best Viral Tasty Places to Eat in Taiping)

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