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Taiping Lake Gardens National Heritage Gazetted

10 January 2019 By Sylvia Looi – Malay Mail

The scenic Taiping Lake Gardens has been gazetted as a national heritage together with the Telegraphy Museum Taiping building, Taiping Municipal Council president Datuk Abd Rahim Md Ariff said today.

He said the two joined the ranks of other structures in the municipality such as Ngah Ibrahim’s Fort, Taiping public library, SM King Edward VII, Masjid Melayu, All Saints Church, Perak Museum, prison and the district office to be accorded the heritage status under the National Heritage Act.

“There are now four more sites in Taiping waiting to be gazetted as heritage buildings by the Heritage Department. They are the railway station, sanitary board building which now houses the council’s gallery, Larut Matang swamp forest and SM Convent,” he said.

Speaking during the unveiling of the “I Love Taiping” signage here today, Abd Rahim said following the gazettement, any construction within 200m radius of the site must obtain reviews from Heritage Department before it could proceed.


Abd Rahim noted that prior to being awarded the heritage status, the Taiping Lake Gardens had won several national awards including the Best City & Town Park 2018, The Best Eco and Heritage Tourism Destination by Malaysia Tourism Council Cold Award and Green Initiative Award by Malaysia Landscape Architecture Award 2017.

“The awards would not be possible without the assistance and cooperation of the community who joined hands with the council in maintaining its sustainability,” he said.

Earlier, Abd Rahim said the Taiping Lake Gardens was among the most active locations in Taiping and received many visitors annually.

“The 64ha site contains several landscape components that compliment each other and made the 135-year-old park one of the best and most beautiful public park in the country,” he said.

He added the park was initially developed using the Rolling Meadows concept that adapts the green and contour areas with huge trees as the main element while the lake compliments the landscape.

“In historical notes, Taiping Lake Gardens had been equaled to London’s Kensington Park which was listed as among London’s most beautiful Royal Park,” he said.