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Taiping tourism unaffected by Bukit Larut closure

12 March, 2020

The closure of Bukit Larut, also known as Maxwell Hill, since last year due to landslide risks, has not affected tourist arrivals. Taiping is ranked among the top three sustainable cities in the world.

Taiping Municipal Council president Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir said the heritage town still had many attractions such as the Perak Museum.

“The Public Works Department is in the process of opening tender for repair works at the affected areas.

“We expect Bukit Larut to be opened to the public by January next year at the latest, ” he told reporters after attending the programme of simultaneous planting of trees in conjunction with the Larut, Matang and Selama (LMS) district-level National Landscape Day celebrations here yesterday.

The event was officiated by the Orang Besar Jajahan or territorial chief of LMS Datuk Wan Mohd Isa Wan Mohd Razak, which saw some 300 trees being planted simultaneously at the Raintree Walk.

Khairul Amir said the council would plant 2,000 trees, including the Merawan Siput Jantan species (Hopea odorata) around Taiping town, as a climate change effect mitigating measure.

“The local community, schools and parks are encouraged to plant more trees, ” he said.

— Bernama